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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Leaks and Kindness

The New York Times is reporting that the quest to find the leak in the Domestic Spying mess is heating up. Seems that everyone wants to know who told about the NSA's snooping without warrants or judicial oversight.

But who leaked about Palmegate - well we don't need to know about that. I mean it is not patriotic to know how we went to war in Iraq. Or maybe it is because it is Dick Cheney.

Personally I don't mind spying with court oversight, it does bother me why there is not real push to get judicial oversight. So unless Bush plans to hold everyone caught under this NSA plan as enemy combatents and deny then access to courts - it will come back to bite us all. I don't care about his legacy, just my rear end.
Bush needs to question Cheney's agenda a bit more closely, and not follow it so blindly.

Mrs Bush is in Turin requesting for a kinder gentler Mrs Clinton. Laura does not think that as Senator from New York, Hillary is equipped to evaluate her husband's performance. After all they both belong to the exclusive club of First Ladies.


First who was kind to Hillary when every GOPer was after her and Bill (Whitewater etc) give me a break. I say go Hillary (even if I don't agree with everything she says) but no one gave her a pass so what is good for the GOP is good for Hillary.